In order to access Verama, you need to have an active account. You can register to the system by going to and on the login page clicking Create account.


You can choose to register via email or using your LinkedIn or Google account.


If you choose to access via LinkedIn or Google, you’ll be directed to the external login webpage and after providing correct credentials, you will be redirected to the Verama homepage. Otherwise, when you click Register using email a registration form will be displayed.


Complete all the fields, agree to all required consents by ticking relevant check boxes and when you’re done click Create account.

Note: make sure your password meets all the enlisted requirements (all are marked with green checks).


The verification email will now be sent the given email address.


Click Confirm email to verify your email address and get access to the system.


Now, you can either use the Login button on the confirmation window, or go to the Verama webpage to login.