The table below contains a glossary of the terms used in Verama.




An Application for a particular Job can be submitted by a user with Admin or Manager permission on behalf of a Candidate, or directly by a Freelancer. It must contain a CV, rate, and motivation text.


Within the context of Verama a Client is typically the final client within the contingent employment workflow - the legal entity that will sign a contract with the service provider to perform a specific assignment.

Service provider

A Company (legal entity) that supplies services to clients on B2B contract. It can be small companies, such as self-employed, or big companies with hundreds of employees.

Contact Person

A Contact Person is a business representative for an application or profile. They are the point of contact for questions from third party.


When a new profile is created by a Business profile representative, an optional invitation can be sent to the email address of the profile, asking to register a user account and get access to their profile. They will then be able to access the Business profile with the selected role permission (Member, Manager or Admin).

Open Job

An Open Job is a notice advertising that one or more candidates are needed by a Client to perform specific tasks. A Job must contain at least a description of the assignment, start and end dates. Service providers are able to submit applications to jobs for the Client to review.


A profile with Manager permission is able to edit and apply with other profiles connected with the Business profile. A Manager's general tasks on Verama is to apply for Jobs on behalf of themselves or others.


A profile with Admin permission is able to edit the Business profile and its settings, invite or upgrade other profiles to Manager or Admin role, approve requests to join the Business profile, plus all the Manager role can do. 


A profile is an important entity on Verama, because it's the representation of a person and the link between a user and Business profiles. The profile contains all the information about a person, such as name, contact details, skills, roles, CV file and other personal data, related to the user experience, notice period, CV files, languages, role and skills and based on that information Supplier Portal is able to perform a better service in the frame of recommended jobs, matching consultants for specific jobs etc.


A profile with Member permission can only access their own profile.


Verama is a marketplace for jobs. It ́s an independent platform where multiple clients, including Ework, are posting jobs and interact directly with suppliers, freelancers and private persons.