All users are able to configure their own profiles. You can do it in two ways:

1) Hover over your Avatar in the upper right corner, and then click My profile.

2) Click View profile on the right side, below the search bar.


The "Profile details" window will open.

The profile window contains the following sections:

  • General information

This section shows the basic information about the user, such as contact information, location or phone number.

3) Click the pencil button to modify particular information.


  • Availability

    This section presents options for determining the availability for work.

  • Determine your availability from the Availability list


                Note that in case you select Available on specific date, you must provide the exact date for                             possible commencement of work.


  • Check the fields that best describe your work preference. Note, that you can check more than one option.


  • Click Save to save the changes.

  • CV files

In this section, you can add your CV file to your profile.

  • Click the pencil button on the ride side to add a CV file


  • Now, either drag and drop files to the grey field in the middle of the section, or click choose from drive and upload a CV file from your computer.


  • To delete the CV file, click the trash can button next to the CV file, or

  • To add the CV file to the profile, click Save.


  • Role

In this section, it is possible to define your role within the organization, skills, and languages that you speak.

  • Click the pencil button next to the item that you wish to edit.


  • Select a role from the list or add a new role.


  • Now, choose a particular seniority level.


  • Now, click the Save button.


  • Skills

  • Click the drop-down list to find a particular skill, or to add a new skill to the list.


  • You can also select a skill from the extensive list of Suggested skills.

  • Click the arrows to switch between suggested skills.


  • After adding all the necessary skills, click Save.

  • Languages

  • To add a language to the profile, click the drop-down list to add a language, or

  • Add a language from the list of Suggested languages.

        Note, that you can add more than one language.

  • Then, click the Save button to add languages to your profile.


  • Workstyles

"Workstyles" is a feature that makes it possible to best describe potential candidates.

You can distribute points among 7 different categories.

  • To edit the workstyles, click the pencil button in the upper right corner of the section.

There are 21 points to be distributed among the workstyles. 

  • Use the sliders under each workstyle to distribute the points at your discretion.

            Note, that you won’t be able to save the changes, unless all workstyles points are used.

  • After all points are distributed, click the save button that is now active.

  • About me

The "About me" section displays crucial information regarding professional experience and strengths.

  • To edit this section, click the pencil button in the upper right corner of the section.


             Note that none of the fields are mandatory.

  • Then, click Save to save the provided information.


  • Attachments

The attachments section allows you to add files of up to 40 MB (e.g. CVs, motivational letters, etc.)

Note that acceptable file types are: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .odt, .odp, .ods, .jpeg, .png, .dwg.

  • To edit the section, click the pencil button in the upper right corner of the section.

  • You can drag and drop the files to the grey are, or click choose from drive to find files on your computer.

    The uploaded files will be listed at the bottom of the section.

  • To delete a file, click the trash can icon next to the file.

  • Too download the attachment, click the arrow icon next to the file.

  • After downloading all the necessary files, click save to save the changes.


  • To contact the person in charge of a particular profile, go to the "profile contact person" section, and click the pencil button to edit it.

        Note that you can add yourself as a contact person.

  • Click the select user drop-down list to select a contact person. 

Note that the e-mail address will update automatically.

  • Then, click Save to save the changes.


  • Options       

     The "Options" section shows the level of access within a team. It is not editable from the "edit profile" level.

In case of a private profile, you can decide on your profile visibility in the search results.

  • Select an  Open profile or Closed profile option.

  • To delete a  profile, click Delete profile at the bottom of the section.


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