When you have an existing account, access the system go to verama.com and click Log in

Enter your credentials and when you are ready click Log in.

Note: You can also log in using your LinkedIn or Google account. Just click the relevant button and you'll be directed to the application login page.

If you log in to the system for the first time, you’ll be prompted to register an account or to connect your profile with the existing one.

When you decide to add your profile to the existing account, you'll be directed to your profile. Otherwise, when selecting to create new account, before being directed to your profile, you'll be asked to provide the new account's details.

After entering the first and last name, setting up a password that meets all specified requirements, and accepting the privacy policy and user access agreement, click Create account to finish your account registration. When you’re done, click Add company.

After registering the selected profile and successful login, you’ll be directed to your profile.

Note: if the company with the given details already exists in the system, you’ll be informed that the company with such details already exists in the system. By clicking Ask to join you will send a request to the company representatives to add you to the team.

When your request is accepted, you’ll be notified via email.