Verama may occasionally contact you via email, for example after registering or to present you with new jobs. Sometimes these messages get lost on the way. There are several possible reasons for this.

Email from Verama goes to spam

Sometimes anti-spam algorithms erroneously identify email from Verama as spam. To prevent this from happening in the future, go to the spam folder in your email client, locate an email from Verama, and select "Mark as not spam" or equivalent. This will prevent email from Verama from going to the spam folder in the future.

Email from Verama doesn't appear in my inbox

Most modern email clients sort incoming email into several categories, typically at least two, such as "Focused" and "Other" in Outlook. If you want email from Verama to appear in your main inbox, drag it from the "Other" (or equivalent) folder to the "Focused" (or equivalent) folder. From now on, email from Verama should appear in your main inbox.

Email from Verama is blocked by a firewall or a corporate policy

If email from Verama is being blocked by a firewall or a corporate policy in your organization, please contact your company's technical support and describe the issue. You may request that email from the Verama domain ( be whitelisted - this should resolve the issue.

Email notifications function is inactive

Verama allows for switching user's email notifications on or off. If you'd like to receive email notifications from Verama informing about new recommended jobs, click settings on the top menu. Then under User settings select Email notifications. There you can decide which types of notifications to activate.