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How to manage your Notification Settings?


To manage all types of notifications on Verama:

1) Hover over the Avatar icon in the upper right corner.

2) Click Notifications settings.

The "Notifications settings" window will open. 

The Notifications settings contains the following sections.

  • Saved searches

If you have any saved searches, they will be displayed in this section.

  1. Click the Frequency drop-down list next to it.

  2. Decide, whether to receive notifications Daily, Instant or Never.

  • Application – events regarding the applications status.

  1. Use the Application status change slider to activate/deactivate all notifications regarding applications

  1. Use particular sliders to activate/deactivate particular notifications.

  • User management – Notifications regarding My Team events.

  1. Use the My team events slider to activate/deactivate notifications regarding your team.

  • Assignments – notifications regarding Assignments.

  1. Use the Assignment events slider to activate/deactivate notifications regarding assignments.

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How to save the search criteria, search Jobs and create a filter?

After setting all criteria/filters in order to Search Jobs, you can save the Search criteria.

Note that it is recommended to save the search criteria, since 

  • it saves you time (you don't have to type in the same criteria each time)

  • this way, a filter is created, according to which notifications regarding new Job Ads will be sent to the user

To save the search criteria/create a filter:

1) Click the Save Search button right under the Search button.

2) The "Your Search" window will pop up.


The "Your Search" window contains the following fields

  • Title – a standard name for the search/filter.

  • Notify me – determines the frequency of notifications regarding jobs that meet these criteria. 

3) Click Save to save the filter.

A filter has now been created. 

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How to manage filters?

If you saved any Job Searches/Filters on Verama, you will receive notifications regarding Jobs that fit these particular criteria.

To set a frequency of such Search:

1) Click a filter in a filter section.

The "Contract Jobs" window will open

Note that the window will contain all jobs found according to the selected filter.

2) Hover over a filter that you wish to manage, and click the gear icon next to it.

The "Your Search" window will pop up.

The "Your Search" window contains the following fields:

  • Title – a standard name of this search.

    1. Type the name in the Title field to change it.

  • Notify me – frequency of the notification.

    1. Select either Daily, Instant or Never.


4) Click either Save to save the Job Search, or click Delete to erase this Job Search.

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