Verama allows users to Search through Jobs, Create and Save Filters/Searches.

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How to Search Jobs?

To Search through Jobs:

1) Click Jobs in the upper left section of the screen.

    The Job Search window will open.

2) Type the Job in the Search Jobs by title or keywords field; and/or

3) Type the location in the Location field.

4) Select the radius, within which you wish to search for Jobs.

    Note that the Search button activates as you populate either of these fields.

5) Click Search to find Jobs that meet the criteria

6) The marked Ads are the Jobs that meet the search criteria.


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How to Save Jobs?

To Save Jobs:

1) Click Save job under the Job Ad that you wish to Save.

    The Job will be added to the My saved jobs tab

2) Click My saved jobs on the left side of the screen.

3) The Job you Saved will be listed in the My saved jobs tab.

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How to Save Search/Filters?

After setting all Criteria/Filters in order to Search Jobs, you can save the Search Criteria.

To save the Search Criteria/Filters:

1) Click the Save Search button right under the Search button.

2) The Your Search window will pop up.


The Your Search window contains the following fields

  • Title – a standard name for the search/filter.


  • Notify me – determines the frequency of notifications regarding jobs that meet these search criteria.

3) Click Save to save the filter.

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