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Receiving commercial emails


By default, you will receive Commercial emails from the Platform Provider

To change this setting:

1) Hover over the Avatar in the upper right corner.

2) Click Account settings.


The "Account Settings" window will open.

3) Click the Platform notifications tab on the left.

4) Use the Commercial emails from Platform Provider slider to enable/disable receiving email notifications.

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Notifications regarding the Saved Searches

If you saved any Job Searches on Verama, you will receive notifications regarding Jobs that fit this particular search.

To set the frequency of such Search, either:

1) Click Saved Search  in the Saved Search, OR

2) Click  Jobs in the upper left section of the screen.

The Jobs window will open.

3) Hover over the Saved Search  and click the gear icon   next to it.

The "Your Search" window will pop up.

The "Your search" window contains the following fields:

  • Title – A standard name of this search.

    1. Type the name in the Title field to change it.

  • Notify me – Notification frequency.

    1. Select either Daily, Instant or Never.

4) Click either Save to save the Job Search, OR

    Click Delete to erase this Job Search.

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Managing the Notification settings

To manage all types of notifications on Verama:

1) Hover over the Avatar icon in the upper right corner.

2) Click Notifications settings.

The Notifications settings window will open.

The "Notification settings" contains the following sections.

  • Saved searches

If you have any saved searches, they will be displayed in this section.

  1. Click the Frequency drop-down list next to it.

  2. Decide, whether to receive notifications Daily, Instant or Never.

  • Smart matching– A feature that automatically matches Jobs with the keyword on your CV.

    1. Use the daily job updates slider to decide, whether to receive notifications every day.

  • Application – notifications regarding actions regarding particular applications:

  1. Use the Application status change slider to activate/deactivate all notifications regarding applications
  1. Use particular sliders to activate/deactivate particular notifications.
  • User management – Notifications regarding My Team events.
  1. Use the My team events slider to activate/deactivate notifications regarding your team.
  • Assignments – notifications regarding Assignments.

  1. Use the Assignment events slider to activate/deactivate notifications regarding assignments.

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