Walkthrough - How to define your Workstyles

  1. Go to your profile details.
  2. Scroll down - until you see the field with Workstyles.
  3. Click Edit Workstyles.
  4. You will see the description that you have 21 points to distribute.
  5. Choose how many points you want to assign yourself in a specific Workstyle.
  6. After you distribute all 21 points, click Save.
  7. You can always edit your Workstyles using the edit icon.

Your profile will earn 20 points for determining Workstyles.

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Walkthrough - How to change your Workstyles during the application process

Some of the Job Ads will require having Workstyles defined. So if you don't determine them on your profile, you will have to do that during the application process. It is also a possibility to change your already defined Workstyles.

  1. Chose an interesting Job Ad.
  2. Click Apply.
  3. Fill the whole application and go to the Workstyles section.
  4. Click Edit Workstyles.
  5. You will see a notification about workstyles, because all changes made during the application will be saved on the profile.

  6. Submit and apply as usual.