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What is a Company Page?

A Company Page is the presentation page for Companies on Verama. It contains the following:

  • The "About" part containing the Company Details

  • A list of current Job Ads that the Company has published

  • The News section, where the Companies write about their latest activities.


How to view a Company Page?

To View the Company Page:

1) Click on any Job Ad in the My feed, OR

2) Click Jobs on the left side of the screen,

  3) Now, click on any Job Ad  from the list.

The Job Ad will open.

3) Scroll down to the separate section which contains a Company logo and a background.

4) Click View profile to enter the Company Page.

The Company Page window will open.


What does the Company Page contain?

The Company Page consists of three tabs:

  • The Details tab

The Details tab contains the information about the company, and what it offers.

The Details tab contains the following sections:

  1. About Us

The About us section contains information about the nature of operations, philosophy, and principles of the company.


  1. What we offer

A section which contains a short summary of the best of what a company is offering.


  • The Jobs Tab

The Jobs Tab contains all Jobs that this particular Company has published so far.

  • The News Tab

The News tab contains all articles, news, or blog posts that the Company shares on Verama.

  • Click Read more to read the entire article.

The article will open.

  • Click Back to news to go back to the News tab.