Due to data integrity reasons, the system does not allow any data migration between profiles. 

However, you can use your CV file for the system to parse it.

To upload a CV file:

1) Hover over your Avatar in the upper right corner, and click My profile.

The profile window will open.

2) Click the pencil button on the right side to add a CV file.

3) Now, either drag and drop files to the grey field in the middle of the section, or

    Click choose from drive  and upload a CV file from your computer.


Note that the following CV file types are acceptable: .pdf, .doc, .docx.

Note that the maximum allowable size of the CV file is 20 MB.

To delete the CV file:

1) Click the trash can button next to the CV file, 

2) Click Save.

The system will automatically parse information from your CV.