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How to create a Private Profile?

How to complete a Private Profile?

How to create a Private Profile?

A Private profile is a profile that does not have its own VAT number.

There are two ways to create a private profile on Verama Supplier Portal:

  • During the login to the system,

  • After creating a Company Profile


To create a Private Profile:

1) On, hover over the Avatar icon in the upper right corner.

2) Hover over Switch profile.

3) Click Add new profile.

The Select type of your new profile window will appear

4) Click Create a private person profile.

The Create a private profile window will open.

5) Click the Drag and drop files or choose from drive field.

6) Click Next if you want to continue the setup, or click Skip quick setup to skip completing the profile now.


The Complete your profile window will open.


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How to complete your Private Profile?

The Complete your profile window contains the following sections:

  • Roles

  • Select a role from the Suggested Roles section, or click Add to add a role yourself.

The Role and Seniority fields will open.

  • Type the role in the Role field to search  the role. The System will suggest options.

  • Click the Seniority drop-down list to choose a seniority level.

  • Skills

  • Select one or more skills from the Suggested skills field (use the arrows to switch skills presented in the field), or

  • Type the desired skill in the Skills field. The system will suggest available options.

  • If the skill does not exist, type it yourself and click Add new option.


  • Languages

  • Choose a language from the Suggested languages field or click Add to add a language.

  • Languages (Mandatory) – select a language from the Language drop-down list.

  • Level (Mandatory) – choose a proficiency level from the Level drop-down menu.


  • Location 

  • Type the location in the Location field. The System will suggest possible options as you type.

  • To save the changes in the Complete your profile window, click Finnish.

Your Private Profile has now been created.

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