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What are Workstyles? Why should I use Workstyles?

Workstyles is a feature that makes it possible to better describe potential candidates

Adding Workstyles is important, because

  • they allow Verama to give you even better job suggestions

  • they enable you to show your soft skills to the potential employer

  • they will be visible to the companies potentially willing to co-operate with you

Note that some jobs may require you to provide your workstyles.

The "Workstyles" are based on 7 personal characteristics:


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How to Open/Define Workstyles?


To Open/Define Workstyles:

1) Hover over the Avatar icon in the upper right section of the screen.

2) Click My profile from the drop-down menu.

The Profile Details window will open.

3) Scroll down to the Workstyles header.

4) Click the pencil button to Edit Workstyles.

The Workstyles section will expand. You can now edit Workstyles.

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What types of Workstyles are there? How to distribute Workstyles?

There are 7 types of characteristics included in Workstyles: 

  • Performer, 

  • Leader, 

  • Team Player, 

  • Cool Headed, 

  • Hard Worker, 

  • Independent,

  • Problem Solver

Each Workstyle is described in its particular section

There are 21 points to distribute among the Workstyles.

To distribute the Workstyles points:

1) Use the Sliders under each Workstyle to distribute points

 Note that is is necessary to use all 21 points to be able to save Workstyles.

2) After distributing all Workstyles points, Click Save in the upper corner of the section.


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