There is a number of things that you can do to enhance your Verama team management:

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How to manage requests?

The requests will appear in the Notifications section.

To go to the Notifications section:

1) Click the Notifications bell in the upper right section of the screen.

The Notifications window will open.

2) Click the request that you wish to handle.

The My Team window will open. 

Note that the member that has requested to join your company, is "Not approved".

3) Click the "Not Approved" profile.

The Accept new  window will open.

4) Click Yes, Accept to accept this profile to your team.

The following message will appear

5) Click Company, and then My Team.

The newly added member, with a proper role, will be added to your team.

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How to add team members?

To add a team member:

1) Click Company at the top of the screen, and click Team.

The "My team" window will open.

2) Click +Add profile in the upper right section of the screen.

The  "Select user permission level" will open.

3) Click the role that you wish to assign to the new profile.

The "Add Member" window will open.

The "Add Member" window contains the following fields:

First name, Last name (Mandatory) - Full name for the profile.

Email(login) (Mandatory) - standard email address for the new profile.

Company position - a role which the new profile will perform within the company.

Location (Mandatory) - location, where the new profile has its VAT name registered.

Don't send an invitation - check, if you want to withhold the invitation, and send it later.

4) Click Add profile.

The profile has now been created. 

Note that the status of the new profile is set to "Invitation Pending".

The profile must now accept the invitation that they received to their email.

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How to complete a task?

To complete a task

1) Click Tasks in the  upper right corner of the screen.

The "Tasks" window will open.

2) Click the Task in the left column that you wish to handle OR use the Search bar in the upper section of the screen to find a particular task.

3) Click the Action button in the right column, depending on how you wish to handle this task.

The "Task Information" window will open.

4) Add a comment in the comment section, if necessary and click Yes.

The Task will disappear from the list.

How to manage the visibility of member profiles?

You can decide, whether the profiles of your team members will be searchable throughout Verama, or not.

To set the visibility of the team members:

1) Hover over Company.

2) Click Settings.

The "Company Settings" window will open.

3) Switch to Profile visibility.

4) Click the pencil icon in the Profile visibility section.

5) Now, decide whether switch to Open profiles (Visible on Verama) or Closed profiles (Not visible on Verama).

6) Click Save to save the changes.

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