To edit the Company Settings (including company logo):

1) Hover over Company in the upper left section.

2) Click Settings.

The Company settings window will open.

3) Click the pencil  button next to the section that you wish to edit.

  • Company logo – an avatar of the company, visible on Verama.

  1. Click Upload to upload a picture from the hard drive, and click Save to save the logo.

  • Company name – a name of the company being edited.

  1. Type the Company name in the Company name text field, and click Save.

  • Location – A location of the company.

  1. Type the location in the Location field (as suggested by the system). Then, click Save.

  • Phone Number – the contact phone number for the company.

  1. Enter the Country code (dialing code) and the phone number. Then, click Save.

  • Company size – The number of employees of the company.

  1. Select the size of the company from the Company size drop-down list. Then, click Save.

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