Note that if your private profile is your only profile, you cannot delete it. In this case, you can only close your account fully.

To delete a Private Profile:

1) Hover over your Avatar in the upper right corner.

2) Hover over Switch profiles.

3) Click your Private profile.

The Private Profile will open.

4) Again, hover over your Avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.

5) Click My Profile.

The My profile window will open.

6) Scroll down all the way to the bottom, to the Options section.

7) Click Delete profile.

The Delete profile warning window will open.

Note that this process is irreversible.

8) Click Confirm and delete.


Note that If you have more than one profiles on Verama (e.g., you are an admin in company A, a manager at company B, and apart from that you have also a private profile), even if you delete your private profile, you will still have access to the profiles for company A & B.

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