After finding an interesting job, the user can apply for the job and check the status of their application.

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How to apply for a job

To Open and Apply for a Job:

1) Click Contract jobs in the upper left section of the screen, OR

2) Click a job that you find interesting on the dashboard.

If you click the Contract Jobs button, the "Contract jobs" window will open.

4) Click the job that you find interesting.

The Job Ad will open.

5) Click Apply now to apply for a job.

Note that if you are a Consultant in a Supplier company, you have to Ask Manager to apply.

The "Application details" window will open.

Note that this section may contain different fields for different Job Ads.

The "Application details" contains the following fields:

  • Availability (Mandatory) - The availability of the user for this particular job.  

  • Rate - The rate, as expected by the user.

  • Why will you succeed in this job? - a written explanation of why the user thinks they might be a good fit.

  • CV files - A space to add CV files in pdf, doc, docx format (mac. 20 MB).Drag and drop files into the Drag and drop files space, or

           Click Add attachments to add files to the application.

  • Questionnaire (Optional) - not all applications contain this section.

        Click options as you see fit, and fill out the text fields, as necessary.

  • Client's Privacy Policy (Mandatory) - a declaration that data provided by the user is true.

6) Click Submit and apply to apply for the job, OR

    Click Save as draft to save this application and apply for it later.

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How to check the job application status

To see statuses of your applications

1) Hover over View, and click Applications.

The "Applications" window will open.

Here, you can see all jobs that you

  • have already  applied for ("Submitted" status) or 

  • saved as draft (the "Draft" status)

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