In order to access Verama, you need to have an active account.

To join Verama/create an account:

1) Go to and click Create account.

The Registration form will open.

2) Make sure to meet the password criteria. The red crosses will change to green “check” signs.

3) Check the privacy policy and user access agreement to proceed further.

4) Click Create account.

The Email Verification window will open.

The verification message will be sent to your mailbox.

5) Check your mailbox. You should receive an e-mail titled Verify your email and complete registration

6) Open the message.

7) If you haven’t received the verification e-mail, click Resend email for the message to be sent to you again.

The e-mail should look very similar to the example below.

8) Click Verify email to confirm the e-mail address that you provided in the Registration Form.

You will be transferred back to Verama.

9) Now, click Login.

10) Use the credentials that you provided during the registration process.

11) Click Log in to enter Verama OR

12) If you used a Google e-mail address to register to Verama, click the Google button to log in via Google.

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