The Messages functionality allows users to engage in conversations regarding particular Applications.


Note that in order to use Messages, you must

  • be logged into the system

  • apply for at least one Job Request.

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How to start a conversation on Messages?

How to view/open/close conversations in the Messages section?

How to join/leave a conversation?

How to start a conversation in Messages?

1) Hover over View and click Applications:

The Applications window will open.

2) Click application, the Contact Client for which you wish to talk to.

The Application window will open.

3) Switch to the Messages tab.

The Chat window will open.

The Participants section on the left shows all users involved in this particular conversation (hence, this Job Request).

4) Type the message in the Type your message field to start a conversation.

Add attachments, as desired.

The Options section will appear on the left.

Note that the Options section will be visible in all Applications with already-started conversation.

5) To close an already started conversation, click Close conversation.

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How to view/open/close a conversation in Messages?

To view conversations:

1) Click Messages.

The Messages window will open.

2) Sort conversations by Open, Closed or All.

3) Use the magnifying glass icon to search messages by participants or contents.

4) Use the three dots symbol to sort messages into unread only

To open a conversation:

1) From the list of conversations on the left, select a conversation with the Closed status.

2) Type the message, and the conversation will reopen automatically.

The (name) opened the conversation will appear in the conversation.

The conversation will be moved to the Open tab.


To close a conversation:

1) From the list of conversations on the left, select a conversation with the Open status.

2) Click the gear icon and click Close Conversation,

The conversation has now been moved to the Closed tab.

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How to join a conversation?

Only Admins and/or Managers within the same Company can join conversations that had already been started.

To join a conversation:

1) Hover over View.

2) Click Applications.

The Applications window will open.

3) Click the Application, regarding which you wish to join a conversation.

The Application will open.

4) Switch to the Messages tab.

Note that if there's an ongoing conversation regarding this Application, the number next to the tab will be at least 1.

5) Type your message to automatically join the conversation.

You have now joined the conversation

To leave a conversation:

1) Click Leave conversation in the Options section.

You have now left the conversation.

Note that you can re-join the conversation at any moment by simply typing any message again.

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